DIY Plaits
  • DIY Plaits

DIY Plaits

2-7 days

Fantastic show Plait extension to fill in any areas you having missing or very fine plaits.

Colour: Natural Black
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Our braids are all hand made superbly dressed for maximum effect.

Supplied as an 8 inch braid and 13 inch of loose hair for attaching to existing mane. (see attachments or photo below)

Easy attachment method: Designed to be sewn in.

Fully adjustable so you can match the existing mane length.

A much improved way to attach a false plait ext

Please note the black hair is natural black therefore expect other colours running through it.

Instructions are included but see additional photos.

Please note this item is a non stock item as it is custom made to order. Because of this it is non returnable. We make these plaits when your order arrives to us so to avoid disappointment please do allow time when ordering.

If you are unsure of the shade we do offer a service where you can purchase a sample shade for as little as 50p.

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