Rocking Horse Tail (small) 18inch 50gram
  • Rocking Horse Tail (small) 18inch 50gram

Rocking Horse Tail (small) 18inch 50gram

2-7 days

Supplied as a 50gram bundle of loose horse hair tied at the end ready for attaching to your rocking horse. Please note pure white stock length is 16-18 inches.

Colour: Natural Black
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Simply drill a 25mm diameter hole, place some glue into the hole and insert the tail.

Then knock a wooden dowl/bung of about 18-20mm in diameter (not supplied) into the hole to hold the tail in place.

Note the photo showing a 5p coin to show thickness of bundle.

Length is approx. 18" - 20" (45cm - 50cm)

Weight of hair is 50gm.

The photo shows an example of a rocking horse for illustration purposes only.

This hair is the same thickness as tail hair.

This product is none returnable due to the nature of the product it is blended and prepared on a per order basis.

real hair rocking horse tail 18 inches 50g
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