• Forelocks

    Made from real horse hair for that perfect match. If you don't see your shade we can make custom blended shades, just ask.

  • Tails

    We have a range of tails for extending your horses tail, adding length or bulk. If you don't see what you like why not consider adding loose I tip extensions yourself. See Pre bonded hair and accessories.

  • Manes

    We have a range of false manes, 8 inch wide wefts that you can sew or clip in if you purchase the clips, 4 inch wide or clip ins already made with clips attached for you! If you do not see your shade then you can ask us to custom make one or choose I tip extensions that we can also custom blend.

  • Plaits

    Braids and button plaits to fill those gaps. Easy to attach and available in various sizes and colours.

  • Loose Hair

    Loose horse hair for extending or thickening. Various lengths and weights available in all our colours.

  • Pre-Bonded

    Two types of pre bonded hair extensions.

    Pre bonded flat tips, these you will need a heat iron styling tool.

    The I tip extensions, these you need the pliers, micro rings and application tool, all found in accessories.

    The pre bonded flat tips to re use you will need re bonds.

    The I tips can be reused with just new micro rings.

    These can be custom blended if you do not see your shade.

  • Accessories

    All the extras you'll need to create bonds and tools for attaching them.

  • Rocking Horse

    A popular hobby for enthusiasts, we can supply the rocking horse hair you require to complete your project. 

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