Here are a few basic instructions of how to attach the horse hair extensions to your horse. Full instructions are supplied with our travel kit for those of you using the pre-bonded method.

Pre-bonded Method:

The tails can be extended by applying extensions around the tailbone area and scattered to give a natural look.

The mane can be extended the same way but applied closer to the roots to avoid detection, then the hair can be worn loose or plaited, the same applies to forelocks.

The pre-bonded extensions are by far the superior method of attachment.
Manes and forelocks have proved a problem area up until now. Using the clip-in method using clips that snap shut don’t allow you to plait successfully. With our bonded system plaiting is easy and simple as if there were no extensions.

With our method of attachment you can attach virtually anywhere to gain that natural movement and they last without the need to remove them before you box or once at home.

As the bonding adhesive is translucent it takes to whatever colour hair you are attaching to, so no unsightly bonds.

We carry top grade horsehair in various colours.

Clip-in Method

The clip-ins we provide are extremely quick to attach and wonderful if you don’t need to plait the hair.

By holding the clip at the ends you simply push the middle of the clip so it springs open. Use this action to open all the clips on the mane or forelock extension you are using and then simply push/slide the clips into your horses hair.

Then snap the clip shut by pressing the middle of the clip in the opposite direction to opening them. Adjust as necessary.

Clip-in forelocks are also fantastic as added fly protection in the summer months!

Tail Wraps

The tail comes attached to a cotton tab and attachement is by braiding in to the existing tail.

These are great for horses with tatty tails or very short tails.


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