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Feel you have enough preparing to do for shows without worrying about finding the time to stick the tail on, and then worrying it will stay in position?

Problem solved!

This unique system has been developed from the human hair extension industry. Our business has been extending human hair for over 10 years and the same method can be used for horses where individually bonded hair strands are used, these can last for more than one show. The system involves bonding the extensions to either mane, tail or forelocks to give that completely natural look and movement.

We can now offer Mane hair on a weft. This is available with clips so you can simply clip them in yourself or without clips if you prefer to braid them in.

Also see our wrap-around horse tail extensions.
Easy to attach our wrap-around tails are approx. 32″ (81cm) long.
Weight approx. 300 grams.
The tail comes attached to a cotton tab and attachement is by braiding in to the existing tail.

The horse hair we supply is also perfect for those people who make rocking horses, special effects companies or even sporran makers! In fact our horse hair has been used in Prince of Persia, sands of time and Clash of the Titans.

We have added some fantastic care products, all natural and safe to use on your horses and even on your dogs if you want. All the products are handmade and used by us so we know exactly what goes into them.

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